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About Me

Hi, my name is AJ Markow, welcome to my coding portfolio.
• I'm a Certified Salesforce Administrator & Web Developer.
• I'm also an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.
• I'm currently working at Recharge, the leading subscription software as a service.
• I was drawn to coding because there is always something new to learn.

Languages and Frameworks:
• CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React.


Here are some real world examples:

  • Snippet CLI:
    A command line interface for adding text snippets to the open source program Espanso.  Written in Ruby. Over 19,000 Downloads.
    Download at: RubyGems.Org
  • Resource Hub
    An app to share software development and web design resources, without the noise of social media networks. Built with a Serverless Back End with AWS API Gateway, Lambda, Cognito, S3, DynamoDB, and React Front End Hosted on AWS Amplify. Check it out at: https://resource-hub.ajm.codes
  • Nerdy.lol:
    This is a forum built using Ruby on Rails.  Forum has social sign-on built in using Google accounts.  Built as a team project at Epicodus.
  • Latte Larry's:
    An online store based on the fictional 'Latte Larrys' from TV's Curb your Enthusiasm.  PostgreSQL was used as the database for this project, and authentication + authorization are also built in. 
    Live Deployment: https://lattelarrys.ajm.codes
  • Brewpub:
    Built to practice using React and Tailwind CSS.  This project was a great opportunity to learn state and props in react.
    Live Deployment: https://firstreactapp.ajm.codes
  • More Projects On:


Coding Links

I love finding new tools to help improve my workflow. 
You can find a list of tools and resources I enjoy at https://links.ajm.codes

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